Before You Buy A Land In Ghana, Do These Four Things!

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One commonest thing to find these days is land sellers. They are in abundance because of people’s utmost desire to own lands. However, many people have fallen into the wrong hands because some unscrupulous people have taken advantage of this to run over the system. So it’s common, for instance, to see a piece of land sold to about 10 different people. Individuals are found culpable, chiefs are found culpable and even some real estate companies are also found culpable. This is a sickening scenario because how can one come to terms with a situation where he/she has used his/her life savings to procure a land, but is later told that, that same land had been sold to another long before him? Just about a few days ago, the Asantehene Otumfou Osei Tutu II was reported to have destooled the Atwimahene, Nana Antwi Agyei Brempong II, for selling lands to many people causing litigation problems. But the sad part too is that, many people have lost their lives due to these happenings and for some their lives have never been the same after discovering what they had lost.

In view of this, we took out time to educate you on certain things you must do before buying out land in any part of the country. Please be reminded that everything shared here is solely our thoughts and could be subjected to debate or disagreement.


Extra care needs to be taken anytime one wants to buy land either from an individual, chief or agency. If it’s an individual, find out how about why they’re selling the land. Insist to scrutinize the land documents (if there any), try as much as possible to visit the site more than one time, assess the nature of the land and its surroundings, If you’re buying from a chief too be sure to find out if that same land has already not been sold to others. If it’s from a real estate agency too, find out if it’s a registered company and how long they’ve been operating. Also find out who they’ve sold lands to and find out the testimonies they will give about them. It is also important you understand their business values and whether they stick to them or not.


Also pay particular attention to the price at which the land is been sold to you. More importantly, compare it to other lands sold in that same community or vicinity. Oftentimes, people take advantage of the greed in others to victimize them (though there are exceptional cases). Don’t just throw off money because somebody just offers a cheaper commodity. Buying a land which is ‘wahala-free’ at a higher price is far better than buying one at a cheaper price yet comes with many problems.


As a potential buyer, you must also do well to check with the lands commission to find out whether the said land question has already been registered in another buyer’s name or has already been sold out. Usually, it takes some time before a land gets registered with the lands commission, and it is this bureaucracy that gives some unscrupulous people the upper hand to beat the system to sell the same land to more than one persons. However, when your checks with the lands commission proves otherwise (that the said land is registered in another person’s name other than the seller) refrain from buying it. At this point, there’s no even the need to seek clarification from the seller.



Usually when people find out early about the land they’ve already bought to belong to the state, they intend decide to resell it to others. Know the land you’re buying. Don’t ignore to spend several thousands of Ghana cedis on the land only for your house to be demolished because that land has been earmarked for a road construction, designated for market, etc.

Land buyers in Ghana must know by now that getting the right person to buy a piece of land from is as stressful as getting stuck in an intense traffic on a sunny day in the city of Accra. Thus, extra careful needs to be paid when buying any piece of land. Buying a land and spending so much to put it to full use, for it to be taken back from you, could be very traumatic. Hence, the pragmatic steps explained above must be taken into consideration when buying a land in Ghana.


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