Five Reasons Why You Must Choose Us!


With the rising spate of real estate companies in the country, it has become very easy to fall for the temptation of juicy offers and promises made by some companies. The saddest thing about this development is that some even go as far as promising things they know from day one that they cannot give. Buyers after realising how they’ve been deceived then become disappointed and agitated and would begin to lose trust for such companies. We’re also a real estate company and we continue to ask ourselves, why on earth would we want to say the things we know we cannot do? We continue to pride ourselves as the real estate company you can definitely trust. In realising this mission, we’ve compiled five reasons which make us the best real estate company you should consider doing business with.

1. We don’t charge for site visits.
We’re a company that shares in the pains of its potential customers. We don’t take any money from people who want to have a glimpse of our available sites before they at least take a decision to buy from us. We believe everyone deserves that opportunity of ‘window shopping’ our lands. On Saturdays, our site coordinators are available to take anyone on our site visits. We arrange for the transportation and we bear its cost. We would want to put on record that site visitors must do well to report site coordinators who try to take advantage of them. No site coordinator is authorised to take money from anyone before taking them on site visits.

2. Our lands are proximal and serviced.
All the lands we’ve available for sale are proximal in the sense that they’re situated close to neighbouring towns or cities. None of our lands are isolated at places where others don’t live. There are already developed good accessible road networks, portable water, electricity, etc. on our lands put out for sale. We are of the firm belief that with the increasing cost of rent in the cities, people who would want to build their own houses need to be in areas that are fast developing so as to ease living.

3. Our lands are litigation free.
Land litigation is endemic in Ghana but we do our best not to sell lands that are questionable or problematic to people. We don’t have the luxury of time to be engaging in litigation and we believe our customers too don’t. So we place a higher premium on selling litigation free lands to our customers.

4. We provide documents on time and to the same lands.
Documents to lands bought from us are provided on time. We do not fancy keeping away documents of lands our customers have bought from us. For those who even have a stipulated period of time to make full payment of lands purchased, we do well to provide them with at least two documents to the said lands and the rest are handed over the moment full payment is realised. Our reason for making this a priority is that we want to encourage people who buy from us to start building on their lands even when they’ve not finished making full payment for the lands. We believe in the adage “procrastination is the thief of time” so we do not waste time at all and this we’d also want our customers to develop.

5. We offer comprehensive packages.
When it comes to the real estate industry, we offer all the elements of it. From land procurement, property management, property sales, supply of building materials, building and construction, interior and exterior décor, etc. We build dream houses for customers who are in the diaspora with minimum or no supervision. We also extend this offer to ‘locals’ who are busy with work but would want others to build for them. Our promotional packages also come with some juicy offers, for example, we went as far as giving freely 500 pieces of blocks, 2 trips of sand and 10 bags of cement to anyone who bought any of our Dansoman – Sakaman plots.

Note: At the moment we’ve lands available in and around Dansoman, Kasoa, Winneba, Amasaman, Nsawam, Oyibi, Adenta, Dodowa, Dawhenya, Tsopoli, Drobo, Prampram, Bortianor, Shai Hills, Tuba, Tema, Oyarifa, Trassaco, etc. You can reach our office on 0244721348, 0500545457, and 0270012295.